Did you know that dogs are free of charge allowed on a camper vacation by Coolcampers? So you don’t have to arrange shelter or a dog sitter for your loyal friend.
He is allowed to join you in your camper. Due your camper trip you may transport your dog in a bench, or the dog lays lined up on the floor of the camper. We, as owner, have one request; and that namely is to handle our camper with respect and as the camper returned, the camper is odorless and hair free. Please don’t let the dog sit or sleep on the couches but in his basket of on his own favorite blanket. For the most dog lovers this is naturally, but we mention it to be sure.
So plan your dreamed camper trip with your loyal friend and go on adventure together.
If you are interested in some more information, please contact us by email: info@coolcampers.nl