Frequently Asked Questions Coolcampers

Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t included in this list, you can contact us via telephone or email and we will be happy to help you.

Use of a Coolcamper

How clean are the campers?

When you pick up your camper, it will be clean and completely equipped. You will have a full tank of fuel as well as a full gas cylinder and water tank. The camper should be returned wipe clean. There is ABSOLUTELY no smoking in our campers. Mandatory final cleaning rate wil be charged at your booking and wil coast you € 50,-. Any incurred charges resulting from the camper not being returned according to these conditions (i.e. in need of professional cleaning, etc.) will be deducted from the deposit.

What if the camper breaks down while we’re traveling?

Each camper is covered by an All-Risk insurance policy in addition to 24/7 Europe-wide breakdown assistance. This assistance includes breakdown assistance, towing, repatriation and a replacement car abroad (not a camper). See FAQ Insurance.

Our manual can be found in each camper and contains all this information and relevant telephone numbers. You always have to contact us and inform us by phone of email. +31 33-2583999 or

How many people can the campers accommodate?

Coolcampers accommodate 2-4 people.

Type 1 has 2 x 3-point seatbelts in the front seat.
Type 2 has 2 x 3-point seatbelts in the front seat and 2 x 2-point seatbelts in the back seat (maximum occupancy is 3 people)
Type 3 has 2 x 3-point seatbelts in the front seat and 4 x 2-point seatbelts in the back seat. (maximum occupancy is 4 people)

The campers are all equal in size, but Types 1,2 and 3 are equipped with a 170 x 200 cm bed. This bed can sleep 2-3 adults. It is also possible for a child to sleep in between 2 adults or at the foot of the bed.

Type 5 has a spacious double bed (145 x 200cm). More sleeping space can be created by renting a dome tent or a bus tent (see list of options).

Coolcampers Insurance

Are the campers insured?

Our campers are All-Risk insured. The deductible per accident is €750- or € 1000,-.

We have 24/7 Europe-wide breakdown assistance with a replacement car. This includes: breakdown assistance, repairs and prevention. The replacement car is not a camper. Especially in peak season, this is not possible. When the camper can’t be repaired within 4 days, the expenses for repatriation will be covered.

It is advisable for travelers to purchase their own extra (continuous) travel insurance. You can also close this specific for your travel period through our partner Allianz Global Assistance.

All official papers and a card containing the license number are kept in each camper. This card should be presented in cases of assistance. There is also a brochure containing information regarding what to do in cases of breakdown, etc.

Is there a deductible if I rent a Coolcamper?

The deductible for damages to the camper is €750- of € 1000,- per incident. More information can be found at the bottom of our homepage under “General Conditions.”

Renting a Coolcamper

How many kilometers are included when renting a Coolcamper?

For rental periods up to 14 days, 300 kilometers per day are free, up to 2100 free kilometers per week. Thereafter €0,25 per kilometer will be charged. After 14 days, kilometers are unlimited.

What are the pick-up and return times for a Coolcamper?

The camper can be picked up after 12 p.m. on the first rental day. We will contact you several days in advance in order to confirm an exact pick-up time with you. The camper must be returned before 10 a.m. on the final rental day. This day will not be included as a rental day in the charges.

Can a Coolcamper be rented any day of the week?

It is possible to rent a Coolcamper any day of the week except Sundays and holidays. You are not bound to certain days for picking up or returning the camper.

Note: Minimum rental period in the months of June, July and August is 7 days. The rest of the year the minimum period is 3 days. (for example: pick up Friday morning 10 a.m. –Monday morning 10 a.m. return.)

Is it possible to see the camper before renting it?

It is possible to see the campers before renting them. Just call and set up an appointment to be sure the camper you’d like to see will be available.

Can I reserve extra options at any time?

If you wish to reserve extra options, you need to do this at the time of making the reservation. If you decide at a later date that you would like to upgrade, please contact us so we can check the availability.

Is there a minimum age required for renting a Coolcamper?

You must be at least 23 years of age to rent/drive the camper. In addition, you be in possession of a driver’s license for at least 3 years to rent a camper. If the driver is younger than 23 years old but has had his/her driver’s license for a minimum of 3 years, a Coolcamper can be rented, but the deposit will be € 1,500- instead of the standard € 750-.

Is it possible to extend the length of the rental period after the time of the reservation?

Although we try to be as effective as possible in our planning, it might be possible that there could be days available, especially due to the fact that we do not have set pick-up and return days. Contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Is it possible to park my car at Coolcampers while on holiday with the rental camper?

You can park your car for free on our terrain, but Coolcampers is not responsible for any problems or damages that might be incurred during this time.

Amenities in the Coolcamper

How much space is there for luggage in a Coolcamper?

All our campers have ample storage space. There are various storage benches, closets, cupboards, as well as extra space in the back of the camper for luggage, tent, or other camping gear.

Is there a toilet and shower inside the camper?

The campers do not have toilets or showers. A chemical toilet (Porta Potti), including cleaning fluid, is available as an extra option. See the list of options for details. Only type 10 has a shower and toilet.

Will we need to buy camping gas?

The campers are delivered with 1 full gas cylinder fort he 2-burner stovetop. It is possible to take an extra cylinder, just let us know when you make your reservation. Extra cylinders cost €25 a piece. Re-filling the cylinder during the holiday is at your own cost.

Do the campers have a radio and/or CD-player

Yes, each camper has a radio/CD-player. No AUX.

Can child seats be used in the Coolcamper?

Most campers have standard 3-point safety belts. Some have 2-pint safety belts in the back seat. This allows child seats to be safely used either in the front or back seat. The campers have front airbags.

Do the campers have electricity?

In addition to its regular battery, the campers have an extra battery fort he living area. This gives power fort he lights and the faucet. When you stay on a campground for longer periods of time, you will have access to 220V electricity by means of the European electrical socket that is included in the camper. When you are connected to this 220V power, you will be able to use the fridge and the other electrical sockets in the camper.

You can also choose to rent an adapter (see extra options0. Then you will also be able to use things such as a laptop while driving. This must be disconnected when the motor is off, otherwise the battery will be drained.

You can use the compressor fridge while driving. This runs on both 220 and 12V. When parked for longer periods of time, using the 220V connection is advised to avoid draining the camper battery.

Do the campers have heaters?

The campers do not include a (block) heater as a standard option. You can rent an electric heater as an extra option. This heater only runs by connecting it via the 220V sockets in the camper. The camper will need to be hooked onto a 220V system. Only type 10 has a heater on gas.

Technical Facts About the Campers

Do the campers have automatic or manual transmissions?

The motors have 6 gears and are manually operated. Only Types 7 and 8 are automatics.

What kind of fuel efficiency do the campers have?

The campers run on diesel fuel. The average fuel consumption is 1 liter on 13 kilometers. This can be less efficient in mountainous areas, steep roads, or even on even roads in coastal areas. The tank holds 70 liters of fuel. Coolcampers have well maintained 2.0 or 2.5-liter diesel motors. The motors have 6 gears and manual transmissions.

What are the measurements of the Coolcamper?

Coolcampers are practical and easy to drive on narrow (mountain) roads due to their efficient sizes.

  • Types 2, 3, and 5 are 5.2m long, 1.9m wide and 2.5m high.
  • Types 1 and 4 are shorter in length: 4.8m long.
  • Type 6 is 5.5m long and 2.7m high.
  • Types 7 and 8 are the largest: 5.5m long and 2.8m high.
  • Type 10 is our biggest camper, almost 8 meters long. More drivers-skils wanted.

Our campers are convenient for travel by boat to places like England or Norway. Also, the compact size of our campers makes them much more economical than larger models on toll roads.

Are the campers well maintained? Are they safe and reliable?

Our camper lot is filled with young, name-brand (Mercedes, Hyundai, Renault) second-hand campers. Each year they are thoroughly inspected and undergo regular maintenance. They get an extra inspection every 10,000 kilometers. The campers have strong, reliable diesel motors and safety airbags in the cockpit.

We ask renters to take care of regular maintenance during the time they are traveling with the Coolcamper. This includes:

  • Oil level
  • Coolant level
  • Brake fluid level
  • Tire pressure


How much is the deposit for a Coolcamper?

There is a one-time deposit of €750- or € 1000,- per rental. Damage, (traffic/parking) fines, loss and theft of camper inventory will be deducted from the deposit. With damage to the camper itself, the deposit serves as the insurance deductible. (See “General Terms and Conditions.”)

The deposit is equal te deductible. You can insure you at your own risk for € 8,- per day. Please note that te deposit still has to be paid. However, this will be repaid fully by Coolcampers or the insurer.

Are pets allowed in the Coolcamper?

Dogs are allowed at no extra cost. The camper must be returned scent and hair free. Extra costs for cleaning may be incurred. (See General Terms and Conditions for details)

Where can I find the “General Terms and Conditions” for the Coolcamper?

The General Terms and Conditions can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of every web page under the heading “General Terms and Conditions.”