Would you like to rent a camper for little money? Coolcampers is the right place. We don’t have hidden extra costs and we have very flexible pick-up and return policies. Outside of peak season, you can rent a compact camper for as little as €49- a day. If you prefer a more unique and luxurious camper, then you can choose Types 2-6 or type 7 or 8 to experience ultimate comfort during your vacation.

Type 10 is our newest 6-persons camper. Note the sizes! For this, it is expected more drivers experience, because this big boy is almost 8 meters long! Well suited for license B.

You can find an overview of our prices below.

NOTE: The minimum rental time from June-August is 7 days. The rest of the year it is 3 days

Period Price per day: Type 1 Type 2 t/m 6 Type 7/8 Type 9 Type 10
Jan, feb, mrt, nov, dec € 49,- € 59,- € 69,- € 89,- € 99,-
April, okt € 59,- € 69,- € 79,- € 99,- € 109,-
Mei, juni, sep € 79,- € 89,- € 99,- € 109,- € 119,-
Juli, Aug € 89,- € 109,- € 119,- € 129,- € 139,-

Mandatory final cleaning € 50,- / Type 10 € 75,-
Deposit € 750, –
Deposit Type 10 € 1000,-

Camper rental includes:
– All-risk insurance;
– 24/7 Europe breakdown assistance + replacement vehicle;
– 300 free km per day. After 14 days, unlimited kilometers;
– Completely equipped kitchen + 2 outdoor chairs + 1 outdoor table + 1 awning;
– Camping gas for cooking;
– Free ASCI European camper guide;
– Free parking space for your car in our warehouse.

When traveling with multiple people in Type 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8, you can order an extra 4 persons’ inventory/sleeping package for € 75- extra. This package includes: extra outdoor chairs, table, bus tent with sleeping area.

The campers are All Risk insured. Each camper is covered by a 24/7 breakdown assistance package. This guarantees you breakdown assistance and a replacement car throughout Europe. It is also advisable to have your own travel and cancellation insurance as well.

Own risk
The deposit is equal te deductible. You can insure you at your own risk for € 8,- per day. Please note that te deposit still has to be paid. However, this will be repaid fully by Coolcampers or the insurer.

Travel insurance
We advise you to complete a (continuous) travel insurance at any time. You can also close this specific for your travel period through our partner Allianz Global Assistance.

Cancel your booking 
It is always possible that you can no longer travel, in that case you can cancel your booking and our canncellation policy will apply. It is wise to close a good cancellation insurance. This can also be done by Coolcampers through Allianz Global Assistance.