If you going on a Coolcamper adventure and you don’t want to go to a campground, then special camper pitches are ideal. We therefore advise you to purchase the app from NKC. In this app, almost all campsites, all Acsi campsites and virtually all sani stations, landfills and drinking water take points throughout Europe. If you are a member of the NKC, the app is free and for non members it is for sale! You can also use the app offline.
The advantage of working with this app is that you don’t have to prepare when you leave in the morning! There is always a campsite to find if you want to stop. You can also place the camper pitches, campsites and sanistations on your route device via the campercontact.nl site. Then you have almost the same information on your route device. It makes camping a lot easier. You can also buy special camper books, but that’s a lot more expensive.

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