People who want to take an affordable vacation are often looking for a “deal.” Coolcampers offers a 10% discount* when you book your vacation at least 6 months in advance. We also have campers that are fuel efficient. Your vacation will be cheaper with Coolcampers!

Advantages to Renting at a Discount Via Coolcamper

Early Bird Deal = 10% savings on your rental;
Our campers are fuel efficient;
The dog can go too! Save on kennel costs;
40% less expensive (on average) than larger campers.

*This discount cannot be used in combination with other offers.

Still in time to rent a camper for the summer at a discount!

Book your camper now and take advantage of this special offer. Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to go for your vacation, renting a camper is the first step toward adventurous travel. If you book your economical camper 6 months in advance, you’ll receive this discount. Our campers are compact, you can bring your dog, and you can arrange for extra places to sleep by also renting a tent (or bringing your own). Our campers are fully equipped so you will travel with more than enough of everything! You’ll be All-Risk insured and provided with replacement transportation, should the camper happen to break down, making the vacation completely carefree. Everything is covered. Check out our campers on the Overview page.